21 thoughts on “Portable Silicone Drinking Cup”

    1. Hi, Carmen

      Thank you very much for visiting our shop. Unfortunately, for the moment, we are not sending out to Vietnam. We will consider though for the future.

      We currently ship out to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia

      Thank you

    1. Hi Keith

      Thank you very much for your order. As we confirmed your order, we will process now. Though, please note that logistics are recovering but still require sometime and has to go through some disturbance. which might cause some delay.

      Thank you very much

    1. Hi CR

      Thank you very much for visiting our website. You find the link here for purchasing cup.

      Also, alternatively you can browse link here for other items as well.

      Thank you

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    1. Hi, Vlad

      Thank you very much for the order. We will process as soon as possible but plaese note that it might take longer than usual due to significant number of decrease in commercial flights.

      Thank you very much

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