Bra size guide

It is good practice to ask how to determine the right size bra as the right size bra is not only provide comfort but confidence as well. Especially, when you purchase online, you should take extra care this part in order to maximize online shopping pleasure.  

There are two things that you have to check when determining bra sizes. 

  • Under bust
  • Fullest part of bust

 Measure the under bust

  • The measurement has to be taken just below the bust, tightly but comfortable enough to allow you to breathe normally.
  • Read the measurement from the tape and round up or down to the nearest multiple of five (i.e. 90, 95, 100 etc).

 Measure the fullest part of bust

  • The measurement has to be taken on the fullest part of the bust with a fairly loose compared to under bust measurement, in order to avoid deformation of the breasts.

Then you can determine the size of your bra using below chart.

For example, If your “under bust measurement” is 100cm and “fullest part of bust” is 125cm. Then your bra size is 44/100G.

Please note this in all in cm.


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